How to support someone when they have anxiety

We often read about how to handle our own anxiety attacks. But what if you are someone who has never experienced an anxiety attack, how do you give your support to someone close to you who is experiencing an anxiety attack? Or are you giving the appropriate support?

I have never had an anxiety attack till I am 29 years old. And before that, all I could say to someone having an anxiety attack is to “just calm down and breathe”. And sometimes, I cannot understand why they cannot calm down, the world is not ending (or so I thought). But boy I was wrong and sorry to all my friends who probably think I am a bad support in the past! After experiencing my first anxiety attack, the world can feel like it is ending or my life is ending at that point of time.

Hence, whether or not you have had an anxiety attack before, and you would like to give support to people close to you, this article (CLICK HERE) is worth the read.

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