Retreat Participant

Thank you everyone! Kim, Yen the sessions were amazing and it was good to be able to learn more on yoga. Everything was well planned out and it was a much needed break from these times.


Retreat Participant

Thanks Kim and Yen once again for arranging and conducting the Yoga retreat! Feels that it’s a timely retreat to review, rediscover and recharge ourselves during this period.



I’m really glad this retreat took place thanks to meticulous planning by Kim. The yoga practice helped me gained insight of my weaker areas and subtle and important techniques were emphasized. More importantly, we nurtured existing and newly formed friendships, supporting one another and laughing at ourselves!



Thank you Kim and Yen for the retreat, it was so lovely and i feel so re-energized by it. I loved connecting to all of you and hearing your stories. All the best for your personal journeys!!



Thanks everyone and great sharing session! I’ve learned a lot from listening to your great feedback and advice!

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