Corporate Yoga Class

The demands of the fast paced modern work environment deplete employees  well-being, mental  alertness, health status and thus lowering their productivity. Relieve tension for employees  with Yoga. They will enter the work place inspired and motivated to perform better. 

We offer a variety of services to suit company’s needs. Corporate Yoga classes can be designed to relieve stress and tension, improve mental wellness, improve health conditions or building physical fitness.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

  • Improve overall production, health, moral
    and happiness of employees
  • Improve employee relationships
  • Lower depression and negative thoughts
  • Increase creativity individually and within the team
  • Increase company loyalty
  • Increase motivation within the team

Class Type For Corporate Yoga

Align & Center

Tapping on the concept of Hatha Yoga, it is a multi-level class where poses are taught in a slower pace manner. Some poses may be held for 5 to 7 breaths as we focus on the foundations of poses and gain a deeper understanding of how to align your mind, body and breath. Although it is slower pace, expect to still have a good workout.

Stretch & Relax

This class focuses on increasing muscular flexibility and promoting mind & body relaxation. It focuses on gentle deep stretching of certain body muscles that are very tense such as shoulders, back and hips. Poses will be held for a period of time of between 1 to 3 mins. If you are looking for better sleep or a complement to your active workouts, this class is suitable for you.

Reset & Recharge Flow

Aimed to build up the tapas (heat) in your body, you will flow through a series of poses throughout. Each class will be a full body workout and it will challenge you to strengthen your mind & body connection, in turn bringing you fully to the present moment. This class will leave you feeling balanced, calm and invigorated. Recommended to have basic yoga practice as this class will be faster paced.

Balance your mind & body

This is inspired by Yin-Yang practice which includes the best of both worlds – the dynamic vinyasa flow and gentle restorative stretches.  This class aims to build strength and flexibility. Expect to flow and detox through power poses at the first half of the class, followed by yummy long stretches to balance the mind & body. You will feel refreshed and balanced at the end of class.

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