Mindful breathing exercises for beginners

There are many types of breathing exercises in Yoga, Meditation, Therapy etc. Honestly, I have not tried all because there are too many, and I feel it is more important to focus on breathing properly first.

Most people tend to take shallow hurried breaths, or we just simply forget to breathe at all. Most students will remember me nagging at them in class to “keep the breath flowing” or “don’t forget to breathe”.

In yoga classes, breath helps our muscles to relax when we are in passive poses, and helps us to get through “tough” poses where it requires more physical ability to hold the pose longer.

In life, breath helps us to calm down when we are experiencing overwhelming emotions (anxiety, anger etc). It enables us to be more mindful of our emotions as we learn how to breathe better.

You do not have to master extraordinary breathing techniques to calm down or benefit you. In the Hack Spirit article below, the 3 mindful breathing techniques below are those that I myself use frequently, and encourage you to practice – see if it works for you 🙂

  1. Equal Breathing
  2. Belly Breathing
  3. Alternate Nostril Breathing

4 mindful breathing exercises



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