Classic Yoga 2019

Time flies and we will be wrapping up 2019 in about a month’s time.
Before we welcome the new year, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to people who have contributed to the growth of Classic Yoga and also,  to do a proper introduction of myself to all readers 🙂
I am Kim and have been managing Classic Yoga since 2017. I was still holding a full time desk bound job at that point of time, and teaching yoga on a part time basis. Earlier this year, I decided to take a leap of faith to run Classic Yoga full time i.e being a full time yoga instructor, entrepreneur (I had the “if not now, then when?” moment after I turned 30  😀 )
It is both fearful and exciting at the same time. I went ahead anyway, not knowing where this path of entrepreneurship will take me.  It has been a humbling and blessed experience so far, despite some challenges which I know I had learnt and grew from them.

In October 2019, Classic Yoga ran its first full yoga retreat in Harris Barelang Batam with Michelle from Rebalance – an old friend of mine. All of us brought back valuable knowledge and experiences, both in and out of the yoga classes. Thank you to all retreat students who came with an open mind, I am very grateful for this opportunity to meet each and everyone of you.
Thank you to all my private students, who trusted me to be part of their fitness journey. I am also incredibly grateful for the support and understanding given to me, especially during a difficult time of my life.
A big thank you to my corporate clients too – for having patience and trust in a small start up like Classic Yoga.

Last but not least, I am immensely grateful to my family 
  • My mum who is always the first to sign up for my yoga retreats and workshops. Making sure I am well, eat all my meals, and taking care of my son when I have to teach.
  • My younger sister who always supports me by sharing my yoga retreats and workshops to her clients and social media. Pushes me to do what I believe in instead of giving in to self-doubt or external opinions.
  • My son who always wakes up early with me when I have to teach morning yoga classes. Not throwing tantrums when I do not have much time to spend with him.
  • My partner who silently supports me through acts of services. Encouraging me to push through the stressful times.
Thank you, thank you everyone. I will be spending some time with myself, and my family respectively in the last two months of 2019. Looking forward to recharge myself for the new year of blessings and unknowns ahead.
Kim 🙂
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