Your Dedicated Yoga Partner

Classic Yoga offers a range of on-demand yoga services, including private classes, retreats, and workshops. We embrace yoga as a means to pause, breathe, and savor life’s beauty by nurturing self-care, enabling appreciation of the present moments.

Sounds of Silence Yoga Retreat

Seeking a brief respite from life’s hustle and bustle? Join us on this retreat for revitalizing yoga sessions, soothing sound baths, and thoughtfully designed workshops.

Our Focus

Yoga for All
Nurturing Self-Awareness
Guiding Diversity

Our Aim

Discover Self-Care Through Yoga
Breathe, Slow Down, Embrace the Beauty of Now

Private Classes

Your private instructor customizes a lesson plan unique to your needs and learning progress

Workplace Wellness

Relieve tension, elevate well-being for employees through carefully curated yoga and wellness programs

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