Very often we find ourselves being in enclosed spaces with lots of people in the public, office or even at home. Sometimes when our surrounding friends or colleagues are down with a flu and constantly sneezing in the air, how do we purify the air surrounding us and banish bacteria in the air?

This same scenario happens in many different settings such as your yoga studio, living room, bedroom, kitchen, car and more.If you constantly feel that the air around you is stagnant or dirty and wants to purify it. We are sharing some easy methods and suitable types of essential oils for air purification.

Diffusing Essential Oils in an Electric Diffuser


The most effective method of air purification is by using an electric diffuser. Setting it up with clean water and your chosen essential oil diffuses the aroma through the air quickly and gently. The aroma of your essential oil travels smoothly throughout the space, clearing unwanted foul odour.

In addition, diffusing an essential oil that contains antibacterial property helps to banish germs in the air. This is particularly useful if you’re around someone who has gotten a flu bug or virus attack. It lessens the risk of spreading the virus from one to another and also helps boost the immunity of the person who has fallen ill.

Creating an Aromatic Spray


Another fuss free method of clearing the air or even cleaning fabric surfaces is using an aromatic spritzer. Simply use a spray bottle that is made of either PET plastic or glass, fill it up with distilled water and your choice of essential oils. Shake the bottle before spritzing a few sprays into the air or spray it in a consistent pattern on fabric surfaces for it to act as a linen spray.

Aromatic spritzer sprays are multi purpose as they can be used as an air purifier, spray cleaner, linen spray and more.

More ways of using Home-made Aromatic Sprays:
  • Spritz all over your pillows and bedsheets just before going to bed for better sleep
  • Use the aromatic spray over curtains works well to scent the space subtly
  • Use it to clean your yoga mat

Recommended Essential Oils for Purifying Air

Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil also known as melaleuca is a strong antibacterial herbal essential oil. It is widely used and documented for many purposes from acne skin care products to multi purpose cleaning products and more.

Here are some of its properties that makes it suitable for air purification:
  • Antimicrobial laundry freshener
  • Insect repellant
  • Natural deodorant
  • Anti fungal
  • Kills mold
  • Alleviating chest and head congestion, stuffy nose and other symptoms of colds and flu
  • Light herbal scent


Lemongrass herb is commonly used for food and beverages. Not only does consuming lemongrass tea helps with healing digestive disorders, the diffusion of lemongrass essential oils has so many benefits as well.

Here are some benefits of diffusing lemongrass essential oil:
  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial
  • Deodorizing
  • Antiseptic
  • Supports immune system
  • Natural bug repellent
  • Fights flu or colds
  • Light scent that induces relaxation

Explore creating synergies of essential oil blends with a mixture of tea tree and lemongrass oils. Other complimenting essential oils for blending include Lavender and Geranium essential oils.


Click here for more recipes for making your own natural aromatic sprays. If you’ll like to learn more about the use of essential oils, join us for our Yoga with Essential Oils Workshops or practice Yoga with us while inhaling your way to good health during the class.