6 Best Outdoor Places for Yoga Classes in the East of Singapore

Is it possible to practice Yoga outdoors in the east of Singapore? Yes, it is possible and could be a great experience!

Here are some reasons and benefits we can get by going back to Mother Nature.

When we want to connect back to nature, switch to taking your Yoga practice outdoors! Feel a sense of being invigorated as you breathe in the freshest air from the morning dews or the scent of the moist soil. Take in the vibrant shades of green of the nature around you and feel instantly energized. Yoga means ‘union’, take the practice to another level with nature, feel humanity and the universe connect. You’ll leave your practice feeling amazing and appreciating the beauty of our Earth even more.

Tips for the best Outdoor Yoga experience:

– Use a mat if you’re practicing on concrete or stone ground. Use a towel instead if you’re practicing on sand. What about doing it on the grass? You can use either the mat, towel or even barefoot if you’re comfortable with it. The unevenness of the ground will bring your practice to a greater challenge as you’ll need greater endurance and concentration for ease and stability in holding and transitioning the asanas.

– Look for a slightly shady and windy spot. You will not want to practice under the hot sun directly as this might dehydrate you or leave you feeling too hot and sticky. In addition, if you’re under the sun directly, you’ll end up being blinded by the sun while makes it a dangerous environment for practice. It is advisable to look for a shaded area such as a shelter, pavilion or just somewhere with large trees that provide lots of shade.

– Bring extra towels, you’ll definitely be perspiring. The multiple towels are going to keep you feeling refreshed, you could possibly use a wet towel to wipe off stickiness and a dry towel to soak any moisture off. A small face towel is essential for covering your eyes during Shavasana. Block out harsh sunlight and any shadow movements while you’re in relaxation, this additional shade will help your body release any tensions accumulated during the practice.

Extra tips if you are new to Yoga.

Lastly, do some research on the places and choose one that is of the most convenience for you. This list comprises of some of the best outdoor places for Yoga classes in the east of Singapore!

1. East Coast Park

If you’re a fan of the sea and sand, definitely choose the beach. East Coast Park is one of the biggest parks in Singapore, you’ll have the luxury of picking for a suitable spot. However, it is best to avoid peak hours on weekends as it will be crowded. For the best experience, arrive really early in the morning for a sun-rise yoga practice.


2. Pasir Ris Park

Pasir Ris Park is another park in Singapore that has a beach. If you love the beach but prefer a quieter and smaller place, this park may be able to offer you some tranquility. There are many fitness corners built, make sure you look for one with the best shades.


3. Changi Beach Park

The last coastal park on the east of Singapore on this list is Changi Beach Park. Spot lots of airplanes passing on this beach, it also has a great view of the sunrise and sunset. It’s best for practice in the morning. If you’re lucky, you may also spot many different breeds of birds that could be exotic as this park is just close by to the island Palau Ubin.

Sunrise at Pasir Ris Beach Park (Carpark 3)

5. Kallang Riverside Park

Kallang Riverside is a relatively cozy park built on both sides of the Kallang River. If you’re a fan of water scenery, be sure to check this spot out and you might be able to find a nice shady space for your yoga practice. If you do not drive, the good news is that the park is just 10 minutes walk from the Kallang MRT Station.


6. Bedok Reservoir Park

The Bedok Reservoir houses many water sports activities such as sailing, dragon boat, kayaking and more. It is also a conducive environment for running, there are many joggers every morning and evening. If you like to combine your yoga practice with a light jog, this might be a suitable space. While you jog, look out for shady pavilions that are suitable for yoga practice, they are usually nearer to the back of Temasek PolyTechnic.

bedok res

7. Punggol Park and Waterway Park

Punggol is located in the north-east of Singapore and has recently, undergone extensive redevelopment in the housing segment. However, there is still a lot of nature reserve preserved in this area. There are three parks in Punggol with water features, Punggol Park, Punggol Waterway Park and Punggol Point Park. The Punggol Waterway Park is a long stretch of park along the Waterway, this park is great for cycling and also has many sheltered pavilions. If you like to combine cycling with your Yoga practice, this will be a great place to have yoga classes on the east side of Singapore.


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Celestine Lau

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