Private group yoga classes are best suited for a group of friends or family who will like to learn yoga privately at the comfort of their own venue.  The venue can be either your home, the gym or even in the park.

Other than being able to choose your preferred date and time, the beauty of a private group class is being able to choose your own learning partners. This could be an opportunity for weekly family bonding or even improving relationship of couples through the exploration of yoga.


Some Benefits of Private Group Yoga Class

Economical Class Fees

The cost per pax in a private group yoga class is at a lower rate as compared to the cost per pax in a private one-to-one class. This is due to the nature of the size of class and the ratio of teacher to students. It is definitely more cost effective for learners who are on a tighter budget but still will like to enjoy comfort of private classes.

♥ Privacy While Learning

If you’re looking for a personal yoga instructor to conduct classes only for you and your friends, a private group yoga class does just that! Enjoy the exclusivity and privacy of having the sessions with friends, family members or your significant other without being overwhelmed by large yoga group classes.

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