Private One to One Yoga Classes

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Private yoga classes are conducted through one-to-one teaching method. The personal yoga instructor customizes a lesson plan unique to your needs and learning progress. In addition, you can choose the date, time and venue of class according to your convenience. You will also get to learn yoga in the safest method as one-to-one teaching ensures all attention is on you. If you have specific health concerns and goals then it will be most beneficial to sign up for private yoga classes.

Private Group Yoga Classes

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Private group yoga classes are best suited for a group of friends or family who will like to learn yoga privately at the comfort of their own venue.  The venue can be either your home, the gym or even in the park. Other than being able to choose your preferred date and time, the beauty of a private group class is being able to choose your own learning partners. This could be an opportunity for weekly family bonding or even improving relationship between couples through the exploration of yoga.

Corporate Yoga Classes

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Corporate yoga classes are getting very popular these days due to the increase in importance of managing employees’ health and well-being. Classes are conducted at the venue of the office premise itself. It could be a meeting room and just an empty space with tables and chairs moved away. We offer morning, lunch time and after work hours classes. Classes can also be designed to relieve stress and tension, improve mental wellness, health conditions or building physical fitness.