I was reading this article a couple of days back and I feel these are useful pointers to manage anxiety and stress in  this world – where perfection is overrated in social media, and almost everyone is glued to their digital devices. And you don’t have to spend a fortune using these pointers. I will recommend to head over to the link to read more as I will only be putting the main points here.

  • Take a Techno-Detox – so that we can sleep better. Singaporeans are the 2nd most sleep-deprived people in the world!


  • Find Your Own Way to Exercise –  No matter what is your choice of exercise. Getting some forms of physical activity a few times a week is known to relieve stress


  • When in Doubt, Breathe – Take deep breaths, and exhale out slowly. Shallow breaths will cause more anxiety


  • Embrace a Relaxing HobbyAny activities (like yoga or meditation) that require extended periods of concentration – sometimes known as getting into the “flow” state – may just be the antidote to anxiety. Find something you love so that you will be more enticed to continue doing it.


  • Fuel Up on the Right Food – I am not sure about you, but this is the hardest for me when I decided to cut down on sugar and carbs. I will suggest one step at a time, and never total elimination until you are comfortable. Eg. If you are used to ordering 100% sugar in bubble tea, for the next 2 weeks u may opt for 75% and then subsequent 2 weeks 50%. If it gets tough at the 50%  point, give yourself more time (maybe give it 4 weeks at 50%) to get used to the taste. The goal is not to give up and persevere no matter how long the journey is. After all, it takes time to cultivate a habit / lifestyle. It took me about a year to get used to 0% sugar, and once in a while I still indulge myself in sugar drinks.  Find the way that works for you :)