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Purify Air Naturally with Essential Oils


Very often we find ourselves being in enclosed spaces with lots of people in the public, office or even at home. Sometimes when our surrounding friends or colleagues are down with a flu and constantly sneezing in the air, how do we purify the air surrounding us and banish bacteria in the air?

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Top 3 Yoga Mat Sprays with Essential Oils Recipes


If you love to DIY your day to day resources and practice yoga too, add our Top 3 Yoga Mat Spray recipes to your DIY list. The yoga mat spray serves many purposes such as a mat cleaning spray that disinfects, aromatic spritzer to calm or energize you and more. Most importantly, we believe spritzing your favourite aromatic essential oils spray over your yoga mat before practicing will enhance your yoga practice!

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Commonly Used Essential Oils for Relaxation


Stress and anxiety builds up sometimes during our everyday lives. Certain factors in our lifestyle could directly or indirectly cause us to feel anxious and stress throughout the day. This not only affects us psychologically but also physically. In this article, we explore the use of several common essential oils that helps us wind down from hectic days.

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Styles of Yoga and its Benefits


Yoga is a traditional art and way of life philosophy that originated from India. In our current day and time, there are many different styles of Yoga that originate from different lineages and gurus internationally. Thanks to them, the practice of Yoga is so popular and accessible all over the world now. There are various yoga studios, group yoga classes, private yoga classes, yoga workshops that we can attend conveniently. In this post, we explore the different popular styles of Yoga and its benefits. This helps you to choose your ideal style of Yoga effectively.

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Preparing for your Group Yoga Class


Are you thinking of signing up for your first group yoga class but feel lost about it? We will be sharing some tips on how you can prepare for the class. These tips also work great for regular yoga practitioner whenever you’re planning to step into a new studio. Sometimes things work a little differently from studio to studio and we understand. Here are some tips for preparing for your first group yoga class.

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