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We’re very excited to announce that we’ve been selected as one of the Top 20 Yoga Bloggers internationally on Thoroughly Reviewed!

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Rejuvenate the Body and Mind with Classic Yoga Retreat in Bali


Yoga and its wonders

Yoga has gained tremendous popularity over the years. Known for the wide range of benefits it offers, yoga is now being practiced all over the world regardless of age, size, and gender.  The practice of asanas rejuvenates the body and mind, besides being an excellent form of exercise.

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Home Yoga Video: Hatha Flow Yoga for Healthy Backs


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Why you should train with a Private Yoga Instructor


Traditionally, Yoga was taught and passed onto a learner through one to one teaching method. It required great dedication for a learner to progress starting from yoga fundamentals. After the spread of popularity in yoga practice from western countries, group classes become great success and a social norm.

In our fast paced society, most people are used to classes being conducted at a faster pace. There is also great social pressure to progress as fast as possible. In the recent years, we see the full blossom of yoga with many group classes and studios offering Hatha, Bikram, Hot Yoga and more at very reasonable or even, low prices. In this article, we look at some factors on why you should consider practicing yoga with a private/personal yoga instructor.

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Benefits of Using Essential Oil for Yoga


The use of essential oils dates back historically, it was even mentioned in certain religious books such as the Bible. Plants and natural extracts were recorded and used for therapeutic purpose and were treated as medicine The pure essential oils were highly regarded and precious.

As times and technology evolved, modern medicines are being invented. They are more commonly used than essential oils now. However, we still see essential oils being used in other aspects of everyday life. This article explains a few benefits of using essential oil for your Yoga practice.

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