Who is an overthinker here? *me raises hands*

I overthink everything. I worry about everything.

Sometimes I make myself feel better by thinking that my overthinking is useful in a way – eg. during work, I will overthink all possible scenarios when we implement a certain strategy and take preventive measures in advance. Now, in a work based situation, this sounds quite good.

However when it comes to self-care, relationships, parenting and family, overthinking did more harm than good.  A small action by my partner or my family member will cause me to overthink and I will start to “analyse” his/her actions and try to justify the action.

When my overthinking affects other people and especially myself, I get anxious easily. As I grow older, being anxious seems like a frequent emotion I have. My mind does not want to slow down.

During such moments, I will take 10 long deep breaths and get myself some stretches in since we do store most of our stress / worry at our hips and shoulders. Here is a video link for 8 simple stretches to reduce overthinking and anxiety.

And just sharing something I read on @baptisteyoga ‘s instagram yesterday evening. Maybe you need to hear this today too :)

There is nothing you need to change. 

There is nothing you need to fix. 

There is nothing you need to figure out.

Letting it be is the magic key.