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Classic Yoga provides various types of yoga services on demand such as private and group yoga classes, various yoga events which includes self-care retreats, alignment workshops, pop-up yoga etc.


To share the love of yoga to people from all walks of life. We believe that every diverse individual can incorporate yoga into their lifestyle through instilling self-awareness and thoughtful guidance from our instructors.


To impart the knowledge of self-care to everyone through yoga – taking time to breathe and slow down in life. Only when we take time to care for ourselves, we can appreciate the present beautiful moments we have around us.

 ♥ We determine the right instructor and yoga style for your health needs

We find the best match within our small team of certified yoga instructors for you. The match is determined by your health needs and requested lesson schedule. There are many different yoga instructors and each of them is different in their unique ways, some may excel in the knowledge of physiology and others more meditative.

In addition, different yoga instructors have different teaching styles and may adopt a more familiar practice in certain yoga styles. The different styles of yoga play a huge part in the practice and its purpose. Let us determine and advise you the best practice style and suitable yoga instructor for your health needs.

♥ Customized lesson plans

If you have an existing health issue or want to achieve a particular fitness goal by incorporating yoga into your lifestyle. We tailor lesson plans according to your specific needs and expectations. These are some common requests we have handled:

  • Enhance mental and physical health
  • Build strength, stamina, and flexibility
  • Pain relief for back, shoulder, neck, and past injuries
  • Developing a unique yoga therapy practice for the conditions of high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, diabetes etc.
♥ We are experienced, certified, and uniquely specialized yoga instructors

Our yoga instructors are passionate yogis who have years of practice experience. All of them are certified yoga instructors trained at different yoga teacher training schools. They specialize in an area of yoga in one way or another. Our instructors share common principles of listening, researching and being compassionate and responsive to every single lesson plan for individual client.

♥ We understand the importance of good chemistry between instructor and learner

A great chemistry with your instructor will definitely make lessons more effective and enjoyable. If you are having concerns with the instructor that we made a match for you, reach out to us for a confidential discussion to have a more suitable match. We will replace your instructor for free upon your request.

Experience the union of your mind, breath and body through our Private Yoga class...

Whatsapp +65 91153113 or send your details to book a class with us

Share your concerns, your purpose of learning Yoga and include a proposed date, time and location you wish to have your lessons.
Kindly allow 48 hours for response.